Equipped with catchy hooks and powerhouse vocals, Couch aims to reshape familiar pop tropes in fresh ways. The Boston-based septet infuses pop songs with funk, R&B, jazz, and rock influences. Their vibrant sound is further defined by the members’ personal training in jazz, a cappella, and musical theatre.

Until Spring 2021, Couch members were scattered across the country at various universities; they tackled the challenges of being a “long-distance” band, writing and even recording virtually for three years. Despite these challenges, they celebrated the release of their debut EP, “COUCH,” in February 2021. The band injected each track with their signature flavor: expressive horns, warm vocals, and bubbling synths—crafting an oasis of joy for musicians and non-musicians alike.


Lead Vocals

Chicago College of the Performing Arts '21

Can communicate with turkeys.

Guitar, Bass

George Washington University '21

Showers in a swim shirt.

Drums, Percussion

George Washington University '22

Can eat Nutella with a ladle.


College of the Holy Cross '21

Drinks a lot of milk.


Brown University '22

Likes Eric's chicken parm.

Trumpet, Other Brass

University of Rochester '21

Shops exclusively at Costco.

Saxophone, Vocals, Synths

Harvard University, Berklee College of Music '22

Makes a scrumptious chicken parm.

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